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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Shocking Behaviour

Last night was messy to put it bluntly. In short, the night consisted of deathly chav stares in Vodka Revolution (what a place!), a Topshop boy from London, slapping chops, another 'misplaced' phone, Jagerbombs, mindsweeping mindsweepers and a lost hour. Now the debauchery is over it's time to face those antibiotics. Probably should grow up too.

That wallpaper is the background of 90% of my photos.
Unsurprisingly today has been a killer - paranoia, despair, self pity, severe nausea etc etc, basically just an average hangover really. On the plus side Kat's sister, the lovely Claire, made an incredible toad in the hole. YUMMERS.

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