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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Selling My Sole...

I'm once again getting rid of loads of clothes and tat at Start the Bus on Sunday; clothes and tat I still love but I just don't wear/use anymore. Here's a snippet of my offerings:

Vintage bags £4

Vintage boots £6

Vintage shoes £5

Vintage straw hat,  American Apparel purple hat, Urban Outifitters grey beret, and Accessorize white faux fur hat. All £3.

Vintage M&S floral skirt (altered and hemmed) £4, High-waisted Lee jeans £5, Vintage 80s floral jacket £6

Vintage dresses £5

Vintage Playsuits/dresses £5

Red silk shirt, Vintage M&S jumper, Vintage copper colour corset top. All £4.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What taste?

I purchased these little beauties for the shop. A kitsch feast for the consumers' eyes for just £1 each.

District 9.

Just watched this. It was bloody stupid if you ask me; predictable and obvious to say the least. As soon as we put it on I instantly regretted it, but I thought 'no, give it a chance, don't judge it yet.' I am judging it, and what a waste of a 100 minutes of my life. I would like those moments back please. I could have watched The Graduate for the millionth time or perfected my version of Flashdance, but nooooooo.

Head to Toe

Head to Toe Issue, October 1982.
Cover Star: Scarlett
Photography by Thomas Degen

Lee Miller - Muse to Man Ray and many...

'Lee Miller Wearing Yraide Sailcloth Overalls' by George Hoyningen Huene,

   Solarized photo by Man Ray, 1930

Photo by Man Ray, 1930

Self-Portrait, 1929

Photo by Man Ray, 1930

Photo by Lee's father, Theodore Miller, 1928

Photo by Edward Steichen, 1928

The Correct Telephone Manner.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Marc Johns


American Apparel Micro-Poly High-Waist Pleated Pants in Deep Coral

Zara Pointed Court Shoe in Blue

Red Velvet...

... cupcakes for my tum, courtesy of Hummingbird Bakery, Swinky's and Mrs Rowe.

A baking utopia.

Good Morning Angels!

Farrah Fawcett

Kate Jackson

Jaclyn Smith

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Karen Elson by Sam Taylor-Wood

(Vogue Italia March Issue)

Four Lions

"It's life, isn't it? It's just life. What is that? It's nothing... It's like being stuck in the queue at Alton Towers... You want to be on the rides, don't you? You want to be on Nemesis, Oblivion... Rubber Dinghy Rapids."


Midi Skirts 4 Life

Once again I paid a little trip to Knowle's charity shops. I found myself some winning skirts in Age Concern, just £2.99 each. BARGAIN.