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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jeffrey Campbell VS Celine

Our Jeff - I want you so bad.

Celine - S/S 2012

Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 - Just Clownin' Around

(via Fashionologie)

Inspiration taken from Cindy Sherman's 2003-4 Clown Series... Somewhat terrifying!

The Sun in the City Shoot

1960s Orange Shift Dress with Frilled Collar and Sleeves £22.00

1980s Black Regina Porter Jumpsuit £25.00

1960s Sky Blue Fitted Mini Dress - SOLD

Black Gypsy Top - Coming soon...

1980s C&A Abstract Pastel Print Midi Skirt - SOLD

1970s Dainty Orange Floral Midi Skirt £15.00

Black Beaded Waistcoat - Coming soon...

1980s Abstract Print Semi-Sheer Pleated Midi Skirt - SOLD

Handmade Royal Blue and Green Plaid Silky Midi Skirt £18.00

1970s Two Piece Powder Pink Evening Dress and Jacket £25.00

Floral Crop Top - SOLD

1990s Faded Pastel Striped Denim Shorts £15.00

White Cami Top - Coming soon...

1980s Black and White Floral Pyjama Style Trousers £18.00

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I couldn't afford to miss out on Bristol in the sun, so the lovely Claire and I ventured to the wall-to-wall graffiti on Nelson St. An abundance of colour as well as sun!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Love Saves the Rain

Shame about the weather but today is going to be AMAZING. Can't wait.

Sweet Sorrow's First Birthday

Not only is it the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this weekend it's also Sweet Sorrow Vintage's first birthday - it was founded a whole year ago today on the 3rd June. So why not celebrate this paper anniversary in style by getting 25% OFF EVERYTHING on Sweet Sorrow's ASOS and ETSY boutiques with the discount code ANNIVERSARY1. That'll save you a bit of that ol' paper money!

Laugh with glee
Upon your Birthday
Happy little
May the years
That lie before you
All be paved
With shining gold.
... Well fingers crossed!
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