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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring Sun for Sweet Sorrow

1980s Magenta Silky Textured Cropped Blouse with Gold Buttons Size 10 UK £14.00

1980s C&A Pastel Striped Batwing Jumper Size 10 UK £12.00

Late 1980s Royal Blue and White Abstract Print Oversized Cardie £18.00

1980s Altered Button Down Florals Day Dress Size 10-12 UK £16.00

1980s Grey Striped Day Dress with Floral Detail Size 10 UK £18.00

1980s Royal Blue and Black Buttoned Oversized Shirt Size Large £14.00

1980s Tropical Floral Midi Skirt Size 8-10 UK £16.00

Late 1980s Agnes B Floral Sleeveless Blouse Size 10 UK £14.00

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Coming soon...

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Roksanda Ilincic Fall 2012 | LFW

Ooo I spotted the pastel footwear, and they reminded me of the current Zara platforms. I really want the yellow ones... Like REALLY. And so going by Roksanda Ilinicic, they'll be suitable for all winds and weathers. Hmmm, yellow platform sandals are not the usual wardrobe staple but I'm going with it...

A Walk Into the Sea

This actually relates quite nicely to The Party's Over with the life of excess and false friendships. This is such a beautifully shot, understated documentary with an obvious family sensitivity - it was directed by Danny Williams' niece, Williams being the subject of the study and one of Andy Warhol's clan at the Factory. He was technically minded and took part in the lighting and production of a number of The Velvet Underground's gigs. But not so well known was the fact that he was a filmmaker in his own right (often being scooped up under the Warhol umbrella, missing out on his rightful accolades - the usual story amongst the Factory residents.) 

Living amongst a crowd that simulaneously flourished within eachothers' company as well as one that sucked any loyalty and humility from normal social standards, leaving many, including Williams alone, used and defeated. It's a sad portrait of a young man full of potential that meets a creative environment that enables to open up and explore his previously unfulfilled talent, but also reveals his more vulnerable, susceptable nature under the influence and manipulation of Warhol, who by all accounts seems like a heartless autocrat. (Read Jean Stein's Edie: American Girl, it recounts a similar stone-cold personality to Warhol). Through his heavy use of amphetamines and the fall from Warhol's favour, Williams became depressed and increasingly isolated from his once bohemian family leading to his, one can only guess as the body was never found, suicide. And so paraphrasing one interviewee (I can't remember who) - just disappearing into the sea was a very poetic and apt means of departure from such a swarming, all-encompassing existence at the Factory. And by no means was he the only one to rise and fall under Warhol's direction...

Thursday, 23 February 2012

1st Anniversary

Last month I got it wrong. Today is in fact Wherefore Art Thou?'s birthday. Awww, I hope it sees many more birthdays to come!

Never Look Back

Sally Jonsson by Tobias Lundkvist, Rodeo Magazine (via Fashion Gone Rogue)

Dior Kiss

Joan Smalls by Daniel Sannwald in Dior, POP SS 2012 (via Fashion Gone Rogue)

Ana Montiel

Ana Montiel's collection of illustrations created for Nina Ricci‘s recent perfume campaign. Although these were ultimately just drafts leading up to the to the final creation, they are equally as lovely and delicate. Find more here.

(via Honestly WTF)

The Best of the Rest of NYFW

Anna Sui


Diane von Furstenberg

 Jason Wu

 Jill Stuart

 Karen Walker

L'Wren Scott

 Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Michael Kors

 Oscar de la Renta

 Peter Som

 Prabal Gurung

 Richard Chai Love





 Tory Burch

To be honest, I've found the collections a little boring so far and those with a bit of playful character haven't really worked (Anna Sui's owl hats look as if they've come straight from Monsoon's children's range and those Marc Jacobs' Mad Hatter hats scream really bad festival headwear of the 90s, you know the ones, those almost Jamiroquai-esq hats that the 'jokers' of the group insist on wearing the WHOLE duration. Needless to say I just don't get it). Having said this I particularly liked Anna Sui's colour palette, likewise with Diane von Furstenberg, Karen Walker and Thakoon - there's nothing like a bit of clashing berry colours and a spot of mustard and yellow ochre to brighten up an autumnal wardrobe.

(Images via Fashion Gone Rogue and Fashionologie)