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Monday, 31 October 2011

Autumn Fatigue

Alys Hale by Paul Farrell, Dossier Journal (via Fashion Gone Rogue)

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Too beautiful for words... Shame he is far too convincing at being psychotic.

I was somewhat apprehensive about seeing this film. I did my upmost not to read, listen or watch anything about it so I could go in with a completely neutral mindset. Having said this, the words 'distressing' and 'disturbing' seeped into my consciousness. Thankfully, it did not live up to my own hype in that sense. Though a harrowing subject matter, with a deeply provocative, tyrannical son (who lends his name to the story's title) I managed to watch it with some ease and an indescribable enjoyment. Perhaps it says something about me, that I'm desensitised but it's incredible. Beautifully shot (as you can see by the stills, very painterly) and masterfully portrayed by Tilda Swinton's distraught and emotionally tortured mother, John C. Reilly's idealistic and blinkered father, and finally the amazingly named (and equally beautiful) Ezra Miller and his demonic yet seductive son. The disjointed storyline makes for an ever-increasing tension between what you know and what you think you know... So bloody good, in more ways than one.

FIT for Flaunt. (via Enthrall)

You Scare Me...

Masha Kirsanova by Cate Underwood, L’Officiel Ukraine November 2011 (via Fashion Gone Rogue)

Maarten Alexander x Rul3rs

(via Contra)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Our Exquisite Corpse

Halloween Boredboard

Alex Cherry | Bartosz Kolata  (via Le Zebre Bleu) | Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Clockwork Orange child (via Flavorwire) | The Wicker Man | Escher’s ‘Relativity’ in Lego
Nicola Samori | Eraserhead | Federico Cabrera  (via Le Zebre Bleu)
Dakota Fanning | Freaks directed by Todd Browning 1932 | Jo Whaley. Smerinthus saliceti, 2010. (via Dark Silence in Suburbia)
Wu Man - Vali Myers | Peripheral Vision, Ane Krogseth, Michela Heim and Me by Anett Holmvik | Night of the Living Dead (via Joe McDermott)


The best theme for a Halloween houseparty.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Massive Attack vs Burial - Paradise Circus

(via Becka)

Someone has too much time on their hands...

Chan Hwee Chong's impressive one-line spiral drawings of Western masterpieces - an ad campaign  for Faber Castell. (via Oddity Cental)

Winter's Bone

Karen Elson by Peter Lindbergh, Vogue US October 2011 (via Fashion Gone Rogue)

I think everyone has an odd crush on  John Hawkes, or at least I do. Can't wait for Marcy Marcy May Marlene...

(ma + chr)

Carole Landis and Virginia Dale

Claire Anderson and Rose Carter

Jane Russell, Matelas

Parasol, Greta Garbo on vacation

Tak-Tak à la plage

By the beautiful sea

Mathilde Aubier and Christine Delaquaize's collaborative work.