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Sunday, 22 April 2012

An April Storm for Sweet Sorrow

1980s Unisex Puma Zip-Up Tracksuit Top Size Medium £18.00
Early 1990s Pale Blue Cable Knit Cardie with Pearl Buttons Size Small £16.00
1990s MGM Logo Sweater Size Small £12.00 - Coming soon... 
1990s Black Shaggy Cropped Jumper Size 10 £16.00
Late 1970s Peach Pleated Midi Dress with Waist Belt Size 10 £18.00
Early 1980s Black Military Style Jumpsuit Size Small-Medium £22.00 - Coming soon...
1980s Richards Navy and White Candy Striped Double Breasted Blouse Size 10-12 £14.00
1970s C&A Floral Top Size 10 £12.00
Late 1980s St Michael Navy and White Striped Oversized Blouse Size 14 £14.00 - Coming soon...
1980s Lilac Buttoned Down Midi Skirt with Tan Belt Size 12 £16.00
1980s Black Mini Skirt with Studded Pearl Detail Size 10-12 £12.00
Early 1990s Black and White Floral Pyjama Style Trousers Size 10 £18.00
1980s Navy and Tan Faux Leather Handbag with Waffle Detail £16.00
Early 1990s Brown Houndstooth Handbag with Gold Links £14.00
1980s Metallic Evening Bag with Chain Strap £10.00 - Coming soon...
1980s Tan Brown Overnight Bag £16.00 - Coming soon...
Late 1980s Clarks Navy Wedged Sandals Size 5 £16.00
Early 1980s Off-White Court Shoe with Plaited Detail Size 2.5-3 £14.00 - Coming soon...
1990s Cream and Tan Dual Colour Court Shoe with Square Toe Size 4 £18.00 - Coming soon...
1990s Kickers Ankle Boots Size 7-8 £25.00

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Shilpa Gupta - Someone Else

Today was the last day of the Shilpa Gupta (and Sophy Rickett) exhibition at the Arnolfini. Gupta's Someone Else focuses on aesthetic perception, fear and otherness both politically and psychologically through various means of media. Singing Cloud (2008-9) in particular creates the suppressive, haunting feeling that is echoed throughout the works with its reversed wired microphones, 4000 in total, that emit the abstracted sounds and noises from the results of various psychological tests. Suitably unnerving and thought-provoking.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Moon Milk

"Inspired by the novels of Jules Verne and Mark Twain, Ryan McGinley followed a group of kids through the uncharted underground caves of north America, taking pictures of them nude and tiny against the spectacular geological backdrops."

(via Miss Moss)
All photographs by Ryan McGinley for his series Moonmilk

Trailer Trash

Josephine Skriver by Mark Kean, Wonderland April/May 2012 (via Fashion Gone Rogue)