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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Marquis Montes (via icon_ology)

Is it time yet?

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Just found that this photo actually exists. Bizarrely I was so forward-thinking when drunk I bought strawberry milkshake for the next day's hangover. I can't remember this, the evidence was just tucked around my foot.

Forget a fry-up or Hair of the Dog, it's all about the strawberry milkshake. (via HUH)

Capes in Caps Lock

Lanvin Fall 2011

Vintage cape bought from a chazzer for just £3.99. Though a button needs to be sewn back on, it's an ULTIMATE BARGAIN.

(via Les Belle Fleurs)

Sophie in Grazia

Awww the lovely Sophie was in Grazia today, sporting a gorgeous vintage tea dress and a pair of Topshop shoes I used to own. They look far better on you Soph! Absolutely gawjus.

How Do People Live in Suburbs?

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The answer...

Monday, 29 August 2011

Beyonce Vs Beastie Boys - Girls on Girls

Pixelate Part Five

(via Contra)

Fashionary have converted couture and high fashion looks from various luxury brands into “retro 8-bit graphics,” each broken down into their very basic forms.

Pixelate Part Four

Space Invaders by the Paris based graffiti artist Invader. They're everywhere. Much like the pixellation trend that's all over the Catwalk.

Pixelate Part Three

Pixelate Part Two

(via FotoDealManaque on flickr)

Pixelate Part One

Preen Fall 2011

Erdem Fall 2011

Dorothee Schumacher Fall 2011 (via Honey Kennedy)

Missoni Fall 2011

(via Vogue Covers as a Reason to Live)

W Magazine (via Coco's Tea Party)

Alexis Bittar Resort 2012

Dali meets Coco Chanel meets the 1980s.