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Monday, 26 September 2011

The Museum of Museums

Walid Raad + The Atlas Group - A History of Art in the Arab World

Marcel Broodhaers - Musee d'Art - Departement des Aigles

Cerith Wyn Evans - Paysage Fautif (Wayward Landscape). Unfortunately I missed the fireworks.


Factory Floor

JD Twitch

It has been quite the weekend at the Arnolfini with all its 50th anniversary celebrations and previews for Museum Show (Part One). I'll break it down into the highlights....

- Schmoozing with the artists and VIPs in general.
I rather enjoyed Bill Burns dry, unique wit and the seemingly unpretentious and friendly Sir Nicholas Serota.
- Witnessing my hard work. 
During install I helped out the tech team with the painting of the Bridewell space (the old Art Deco police station) for Asuncion Molinos' World Agriculture Museum. The finished work is beyond my expectations, it's well worth a visit.
- Free booze. 
Richard Long tending Tom Marioni's Museum of Conceptual Art - "The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art". Let's drink to that.
- Bloody good music whilst bumping into friends and acquaintances. 
Saturday saw a long night ahead of me, but it was something I definitely didn't want to miss out on. It meant I had the opportunity to watch the following eclectic lot - H, Hype Williams, Anika, Factory Floor and JD Twitch's DJ set (including the unexpected delights of Hype Williams' bodybuilder staying around afterwards and talking with an extreme but endearing lisp, and Anika's keyboardist having a massive on-stage hissy fit at a group of three chatting loudly at the back. That certainly told them but I'm not sure it was wholly necessary, it would appear that his ego got the better of him.)
- All in all, a hectic weekend and an ambitious show.

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