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Thursday, 27 October 2011

John Russell: Performance-ative

'Dan Graham after performance by Dan Graham, Performance-Audience-Mirror 1977.' 2000

'Beuys saluting', Beuys saluting' reversed, 2000

'Burning Man after Tomas Ruller, (8.8.88, 1988).' 2000

'Field Work after a performance by Andrea Fraser, page from Flash Art, vol XXIII - no 115, Nov-Dec 1990'. 2000

'Shoot after Chris Burden's performance shoot, 1971'. 2000

I went to an incredibly interesting, and actually very funny, lecture at the Arnolfini yesterday with John Russell as the speaker. It was pretty thematically dense, focusing on the idea of the cliche, semantics and language. An honest and self-deprecating account fom Russell's early days as part of Bank, a collective of young art school graduates trying to stir up/infuriate the art world; to the present day with his large-scale digital representations of philosophical theory. I can't say I'm a fan of his latest work so here's an earlier exhibition with Fabienne Audeoud, in which they recreate found slide images of various artists' work and photography, and then 'contextualising' them.

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