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Friday, 21 October 2011


Graphics unmistakably showing Gillick's influence.

Pringle Spring 2012 Collection

Gillick's set design - original stark monochrome benches used for the Catwalk.

Graphic by Liam Gillick

Designer, Alistair Carr. FIT. (via Style.com)

Gillick speaks of this collaboration and like mindedness with Pringle head designer Alistair Carr, saying: "We are both products of the British art school system. There is a common language that we share. And a strong sense of skepticism and enthusiasm... "It (the work for Pringle) is part of my art – not an exercise in transferring value from one discipline to another. I am not trying to elevate or reduce a bag to the status of a contemporary art object – I am an artist working who is interested in expanding my vocabulary. Art and fashion will never be aligned and they should not be. I want areas to clash and cause problems by feeding off each other and multiplying mis-readings." (via AnOther)

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