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Monday, 17 October 2011

Me Myself & I

André Villers, Picasso as Popeye, Cannes 1957 | Brassaï, Picasso for Henri Rousseau's Portrait , 1932

Cecil Beaton, Pablo Picasso, 1933 | David Douglas Duncan, Picasso with an Indian headdress, Cannes 1960

Denise Colomb, Picasso in Antibes, 1952 | Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, 1933

Michel Sima, Picasso and an Owl, 1946 | Mme d'Ora, Pablo Picasso, 1955

Roberto Otero, Pablo Picasso throws the cap of the bullfighter

"Nothing is more daring than the attempt to define Picasso, the man more famous than Buddha or the Virgin Mary, more unpredictable than a crowd." - George Besson.
MemyselfandI – Photo Portraits of Picasso runs at Museum Ludwig, Cologne (via AnOther)

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