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Friday, 11 November 2011

Etsy Funsies...

You can tell when I'm bored... I'm getting addicted to making Treasury Lists on Etsy.

A Tapestry of Rich and Royal Hue 
 Early 1990s Floral Tapestry Granny Shopper Bag £8.00
Late 80s small black and floral tapestry handbag with drawstring £12.00

Yves Klein Blue
1970s Royal blue knitted cardie with pockets £12.00  

Nothing But A Hound Dog
Early 1980s Houndstooth Double-Breasted Coat with Red Lining £32.00 
80s black patent and small houndstooth evening bag. £10.00

Rainbow Serpent and the Dreamtime
80s electric blue snakeskin court shoe - UK size 5. £15.00 

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