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Monday, 21 November 2011

Noughties Hypocrisy

I watched a truly awful programme the other day on the Really channel - Would Like To Meet. I vaguely remember it when it was originally on BBC back in 2002. What shocked me was the seemingly conservative and anti-feminist views of the stylist, claiming bright red lipstick and nails signalled loose morals and being 'up for it'. Admittedly it's not a great look, matching colours is just plain tacky but it certainly doesn't equate to a guaranteed one-night stand. Literally 10 minutes after revealing this ridiculous view, the clueless stylist adviced the 'unlucky in love plain Jane' that she should look toward the icons of the past to achieve the air of mystery and subtle sexuality... so Marilyn Monroe. Correct me if I'm wrong but she was well known for her image, the peroxide blonde hair and wait a minute, bright red lips. Absolutely ridiculous. I would hope that 9 years on this skewed opinion is that of the minority and doesn't make it on to mainstream makeover shows, especially with appliqued jeans wearing stylists!

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