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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring Sun for Sweet Sorrow

1980s Magenta Silky Textured Cropped Blouse with Gold Buttons Size 10 UK £14.00

1980s C&A Pastel Striped Batwing Jumper Size 10 UK £12.00

Late 1980s Royal Blue and White Abstract Print Oversized Cardie £18.00

1980s Altered Button Down Florals Day Dress Size 10-12 UK £16.00

1980s Grey Striped Day Dress with Floral Detail Size 10 UK £18.00

1980s Royal Blue and Black Buttoned Oversized Shirt Size Large £14.00

1980s Tropical Floral Midi Skirt Size 8-10 UK £16.00

Late 1980s Agnes B Floral Sleeveless Blouse Size 10 UK £14.00

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Coming soon...

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  1. ohh i love the photos! charlie looks so cute!!