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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Sun in the City Shoot

1960s Orange Shift Dress with Frilled Collar and Sleeves £22.00

1980s Black Regina Porter Jumpsuit £25.00

1960s Sky Blue Fitted Mini Dress - SOLD

Black Gypsy Top - Coming soon...

1980s C&A Abstract Pastel Print Midi Skirt - SOLD

1970s Dainty Orange Floral Midi Skirt £15.00

Black Beaded Waistcoat - Coming soon...

1980s Abstract Print Semi-Sheer Pleated Midi Skirt - SOLD

Handmade Royal Blue and Green Plaid Silky Midi Skirt £18.00

1970s Two Piece Powder Pink Evening Dress and Jacket £25.00

Floral Crop Top - SOLD

1990s Faded Pastel Striped Denim Shorts £15.00

White Cami Top - Coming soon...

1980s Black and White Floral Pyjama Style Trousers £18.00

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I couldn't afford to miss out on Bristol in the sun, so the lovely Claire and I ventured to the wall-to-wall graffiti on Nelson St. An abundance of colour as well as sun!

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