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Monday, 28 January 2013

Prada's Great Gatsby Costume Designs

Four of Prada's much anticipated designs for the forthcoming Great Gatsby remake have been released. And they're incredible, as expected. It's the third time that the italian designer has joined forces with Baz Luhrman (first in his 1996 adaptation of Romeo & Juliet , for which she designed the suit Leonardo DiCaprio's Romeo wore during the wedding ceremony, and also for the series of short films that were featured in the Met's 'Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations' exhibition) and I doubt this will be the last.

"Baz and Miuccia have always connected on their shared fascination with finding modern ways of releasing classic and historical references from the shackles of the past," explains Catherine Martin, the film's costume designer, and Luhrmann's wife. "This connection is central to our relationship with Miuccia Prada on The Great Gatsby , and has connected our vision with hers. In the same way Nick Carraway reflects on a world that he is within and without, we have tried to create an environment that the audience will be subconsciously familiar with, yet separated from."(via The Telegraph)

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