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Monday, 11 February 2013

Charlotte Smith - Make-Up Artist

I've already covered the very talented photographer, Hattie Ellis, who I encountered on a recent Seanhanna/L'Oreal/ Sweet Sorrow shoot but I wanted to talk about the equally talented and yet very different creative mind, Charlotte Smith and her art in make-up. I love her eye for detail and her very acute taste in complimenting and exaggerating the look and styling - evident here with the Sweet Sorrow shoot with model, Stacie, and hair by Seanhanna's Noel Halligan. Hopefully we'll be working together again soon, as it was soooo successful and so much fun. Who said work couldn't be enjoyable? 
Find more of Charlotte's work here...

Hair: Noel Halligan | Make-Up: Charlotte Smith | Photography: Hattie Ellis | Styling: Sweet Sorrow Vintage | Model: Stacie Langford

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